How to Find a Counselor

How to find a counselor who is the right fit is a question that is often asked when it comes to therapy. Finding a counselor can be a challenging task; however with some basic information, you will be able to find the right counselor for you! Also with sites like psychology today you can search for a therapist in minutes and read a quick profile on the therapist. However, more goes into it then who is right in front of you. Looking at different options can take some time and may require you to shop around.

Skills and Training

The first aspect to think about is the background and training of the therapist. This helps to ensure they are qualified to treat you for your presenting problem. Some therapist only work with specific age groups while others specialize in specific disorders or symptoms. You would want a different therapist if you were looking for a trauma therapist who treats Adult vs seeking treatment for DBT (Dialetical Behavioral Therapy). It is important that your counselor has extensive training in the therapy you are seeking. Additionally, ensure the you are seeking a licensed mental health counselor or therapist.


Finances and budget are another important aspect in therapy. Many therapist take insurance, but not all our in network with your insurance. It could be the difference between the cash rate of $130 to $150 dollars or just paying your copay through your insurance. You can check a list of In-network insurance companies Core Counseling South Jersey accepts here!

Relationship and Rapport

Now that you determined the above factors, the last step is making sure they are a good match. Most therapist have an about us page where you can read about each therapist and their approach to therapy. Having a strong therapeutic alliance or trust, with your therapist predicted positive outcomes of therapy. According to this article from the National Center for Biotechnology information (NCBI), it is the most important factor.

Now that you have the information you need, you can get started! You can book your first appointment with one of our therapists from our secure portal or call 856-866-6331!

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